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Their appointments are approved by the Board on the recommendation of the Appointments Committee.

For more information about the membership and terms of reference of each committee, use the expandable headings and links below.

Strategic advisory committees

These committees advise the Board on the effectiveness of its strategies. To this end they monitor the Council's progress towards its objectives as described in the business plan. They are structured around five main themes.

Teaching excellence and student opportunity

The Teaching Excellence and Student Opportunity Strategic Advisory Committee advises and supports HEFCE's Board in addressing policy and funding priorities relating to teaching excellence and student access, success and progression to further study or employment.


Professor Mary Stuart (Chair) HEFCE Board member, Vice-Chancellor, University of Lincoln

Professor Cliff Allan

Vice-Chancellor, Birmingham City University

Dr Charlie Ball

Deputy Director of Research, HECSU
Professor Anthony Bowne Principal, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Professor Rebecca Bunting Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire New University
Professor Jean-Noel Ezingeard Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor Anthony Forster Vice-Chancellor, University of Essex
Professor Anne Greenough

HEFCE Board member, Head, School of Medicine, King’s College London

Professor Margaret House

Vice-Chancellor, Leeds Trinity University 

Professor Gill Nicholls

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), University of Surrey

Graeme Osborn HEFCE Board member, Employee of the Graduate Students' Association, University of York
Samantha Parrett Principal, Bromley College of Further and Higher Education
Professor Dave Phoenix Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, London South Bank University
Professor Hazel Rymer Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching Innovation), The Open University
Anand Shukla Chief Executive, The Brightside Trust
Sorana Vieru Vice President (Education), National Union of Students
Professor Thomas Ward Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Education, University of Leeds
Victoria Lowry Head of Policy, National Union of Students
Sarah Howls Head of Student Opportunity, HEFCE
Carly Sykes Personal Assistant, HEFCE
Research and knowledge exchange

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategic Advisory Committee was established by the HEFCE Board in January 2013. The committee provides advice and guidance to the Executive and the Board on the development and implementation of our policies in the area of research and knowledge exchange.

Professor Anne Greenough (Chair) Head of Department of Paediatrics, King's College London

Dr Adam John Wright (observer)

Lead Policy Officer, National Union of Students

Professor David John Williams University Academic Research Challenge Lead - Health and Wellbeing, Loughborough University
Dr Debbie McVitty Director of Policy, University of Bedfordshire
Professor Geoff Rodgers Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Brunel University
Mr John Latham

Vice-Chancellor, Coventry University

Professor Jürgen Enders

Professor of Higher Education Management, University of Bath

Sir Keith Burnett Vice-Chancellor, University of Sheffield
Professor Lin Foxhall Head of School of Histories, Languages and Cultures, University of Liverpool

Mr Malcolm Salisbury

Manager, External Research & Innovation - Europe, Shell UK

Professor Maria Delgado Director of Research, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Professor Mark d'Inverno

Pro-Warden Research and Enterprise, Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Phil Clare

Associate Director and Head of Knowledge Exchange, University of Oxford
Professor Stephen Decent Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research, Lancaster University
Professor Steven Miles Head of the Research Centre for Applied Social Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor Trevor McMillan Vice-Chancellor, Keele University
Steven Hill (secretary) Head of Research Policy (HEFCE)
Alice Frost (secretary) Head of Knowledge Exchange (HEFCE)
Claire Fraser (clerk) Higher Education Policy Adviser (HEFCE)
Leadership, governance and management

The Leadership Governance and Management Strategic Advisory Committee provides advice and guidance to the Board on the development and implementation of our policies in the area of leadership, governance and management.


Peter Houillon (Chair)

HEFCE Board member

Chief Executive Officer of Kaplan UK and Ireland

Jamie Agombar

Head of Sustainability, NUS Group

Professor Amanda Broderick Chief Executive Officer and Director, Newcastle University London
Professor Aldwyn Cooper Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Regent’s University

Stephen Criddle

Principal and Chief Executive Officer, South Devon College

Geoff Dawson

Chair of Community of University Chairs

Chair of Governors at Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Aneez Esmail

Professor of General Practice and Director of the NIHR Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, The University of Manchester

David Gage

Pro Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Governors, Staffordshire University
Chris Jagger

Chief Estates and Facilities Officer, University of Nottingham

Dean Morley

Director of Human Resources, Kingston University

Professor Malcolm Press

Vice-Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Rosa Scoble

Director of Planning, Brunel University London

Professor Mark Smith Vice-Chancellor, Lancaster University
Alison Wheaton

Chief Executive Officer, GSM London

Liz Winders

Secretary and Registrar, Sheffield Hallam University

Chair of the Association of Heads of University Administration


Alison Chappell

Director of Policy and Delivery, National Union of Students

Alison Johns Chief Executive, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
David Ruebain Chief Executive, Equality Challenge Unit

Yvonne Hawkins

Director, Universities and Colleges, HEFCE

Committee Clerk

Daniel Moore

Higher Education Policy Advisor (Leadership and Governance), HEFCE

Quality, accountability and regulation

The Quality, Accountability and Regulation Strategic Advisory Committee advises and supports HEFCE’s Board on matters relating to HEFCE’s requirements on higher education, including specifically HEFCE’s statutory duty, under section 70 (1) (b) of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, to ensure the quality of funded education is assessed.



Sara Weller

Non-Executive Director, Lloyds Bank, United Utilities
(HEFCE Board Member)
Professor Amanda Chetwynd Provost Student Experience, Colleges and the library, The University of Lancaster
Martin Day Managing Director, the London Institute of Banking and Finance 
Dan Derricott Operations Manager, School of Education, University of Leicester

Joe Holt

Formerly Vice President Education, Northumbria Students Union
Peter Houillon Chief Executive Officer, Kaplan UK
(HEFCE Board Member)
Professor Janice Kay Provost, University of Exeter

Chris Maguire

Dean of Academic Affairs, BPP University

Samantha Parrett 

Principal and Chief Executive, Bromley College of Further and Higher Education

Mark Robson

Head of Statistics and Regulatory Data, Bank of England
(HEFCE Board Member)
Deborah Seddon

Head of Policy and Standards, Engineering Council

Andy Westwood Professor of Politics and Policy, Winchester University and Associate Vice President for Public Affairs, The University of Manchester
Liz Winders Secretary and Registrar, Sheffield Hallam University
Bethan Dudas National Union of Students
Susan Lapworth Director, Regulation and Assurance, HEFCE
Dr Kath Thompson (Secretary) Head of Regulation, HEFCE

Sandra Binns (Clerk)

Higher Education Policy Adviser, HEFCE

Joint advisory committees

These committees operate jointly with other higher education funding bodies.

UK Healthcare Education Advisory Committee

The Joint Medical Advisory Committee (JMAC) was established in 1992 jointly by the UK higher education funding bodies (HEFCE, SFC, HEFCW and DENI) to advise them on medical and dental education matters. In November 2006 the name was changed to the UK Healthcare Education Advisory Committee to reflect the committee's broader healthcare remit.


Professor Dame Jessica Corner Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Nottingham
Professor Paul Martin Deputy Principal, University of West Scotland
Professor Karen Bryan Pro Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Claire Mallinson Director of Medical Education, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital
Professor David Crossman Dean of Medicine, University of St Andrews
Professor Irwin Nazereth Department Primary Care & Population Health, UCL
Professor Anne Greenough HEFCE Board member, Head, King's College London School of Medicine Director of Education and Training, King's Health Partners
Professor Farida Fortune Dean for Dentistry, Director Institute of Dentistry Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry 
Professor Keith Lloyd Dean for Medicine, Swansea University
Stewart Irvine Director of Medicine, NHS Scotland
Professor Saul Tendler

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of York

Professor Neil Johnson Dean of Health and Medicine, Lancaster University
Professor Raymond Playford Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Plymouth University
Professor Sean Gorman

Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Ieuan Ellis

Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University

Professor David Adams

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Head of College of Medical and Dental Sciences and Dean of Medicine, University of Birmingham

David Sweeney HEFCE

Terms of reference

  1. Advise the UK higher education funding bodies on the impact of NHS changes on healthcare education and research.
  2. Advise on the interpretation of government health departments' workforce needs in terms of educational provision.
  3. Monitor the joint working of government health and education departments and advise on areas that need resolution to promote the joint agenda.
  4. Provide advice to inform government inter-departmental meetings (in England, the Health Education National Strategic Exchange (HENSE)) on strategic decisions as well as operational issues.
  5. Monitor differences in health and education partnership arrangements in each of the UK administrations and promote best practice.

UKHEAC commissioned a report into good practice in NHS/university relations across the UK. The study was undertaken by Andrew Snowden, an independent consultant with experience at senior levels within both universities and the NHS.

Other standing committees

Appointments Committee


Tim Melville-Ross Chair of the HEFCE Board
Professor Madeleine Atkins Chief Executive
Hugh Ross Former NHS Trust Chief Executive
Anne Greenough Professor of Neonatology & Clinical Respiratory Physiology, King's College London
Professor Mary Stuart Vice Chancellor, University of Lincoln
Sara Weller Non Executive Director, Lloyds Bank, United Utilities
Anil Ruia Director of Botraco Ltd; Chair, University of Manchester
Audit Committee


Hugh Ross (Chair) HEFCE Board Member, Former NHS Trust Chief Executive
John Harley Chair of Governors,  University of Brighton
Mark Robson HEFCE Board Member, Head of Statistics and Regulatory Data, Bank of England
Clifford Shanbury Independent Member of the Audit Committee, Office for Nuclear Regulation
Neil Marriott Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Winchester
Complaints Panel

Terms of reference

The Council has an independent procedure for hearing complaints against the decisions of the Executive. A panel is created when needed with its remit to determine whether Council action or maladministration has caused injustice. It is the complainant's last resort before such allegations go to the Ombudsman. For more information contact the Clerk to the Board, Kate Page.

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