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Centre Point, London

Agenda and associated papers


Papers exempt from publication under the Freedom of Information Act, including partly exempt, are listed for information.

Starred items

The Chair will ask at the start of the meeting whether members wish to discuss any of the starred items. If not then it will be assumed that the Board wishes to agree the recommendations without discussion.

1.   Presentation: Ethnicity and degree attainment

Download the ethnicity-and-degree-attainment-presentation as PDF (873 KB) 

2.   Chair’s introduction, apologies, starred items


3.   Minutes of meeting held on 11 October 2012 (B80)

Download the B80 as PDF (190 KB) | Download the B80 as MS Word (106 KB)

4.   Audit Committee report: 21 November 2012 (B81)

Download the B81 as PDF (127 KB) | Download the B81 as MS Word (82 KB)

5.   Chief Executive’s report (B82e)

Exempt from publication

6.   Report to BIS on the impact of the new funding arrangements on students and institutions (B83e)

Exempt from publication

7.   Framework between BIS and HEFCE (B84)

Download the B84 as PDF (134 KB) | Download the B84 as MS Word (63 KB)

Annex A

Download the B84a as PDF (526 KB) | Download the B84a as MS Word (131 KB)

8.  Accountability by providers of higher education: key issues and principles (B85e)

Exempt from publication

9.   Applying Student Number Controls to Alternative Providers (B86e)

Exempt from publication

10.   Student Number Controls for 2013-14 (B87e)

Exempt from publication

11.   Institution-specific funding review: Outcomes of the assessment process to inform funding until 2015-16 (B88e)

Exempt from publication

12.   Outcomes of the review of funding for the University Marine Biological Station Millport (B89e)

Download the B89e as PDF (312 KB) | Download the B89e as MS Word (80 KB)

Annex A

Download the B89ae as PDF (581 KB) | Download the B89ae as MS Word (186 KB)

13.   Outcomes of the review of HEFCE funding for the School of Advanced Study, University of London (B90e)

Download the B90e as PDF (259 KB) | Download the B90e as MS Word (79 KB)

Annex A

Download the B90ae as PDF (458 KB) | Download the B90ae as MS Word (139 KB)

Annex B

Exempt from publication

14. Revised Strategic Advisory Committee structure (B91e)

Exempt from publication

15. Strategic advisory committee reports (B92e)

Exempt from publication

16. *Update on HEFCE’s business plan (B93)

Download the B93 as PDF (186 KB) | Download the B93 as MS Word (74 KB)

Annex A

Download the B93a as PDF (266 KB) | Download the B93a as MS Word (219 KB)

17. *Date of next meeting 31 January 2013


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