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Directorates and Executive

HEFCE staff work in teams based within three directorates, led by three directors who combine leadership of key strategic areas with responsibilities for regional and institutional issues. 

Click on each director's name to see a biography and list of registered interests.

Professor Madeleine Atkins  
Chief Executive

Steve Egan 
(Finance and Corporate Resources) 
and Deputy Chief Executive

Heather Fry 
(Education, Participation and Students)

David Sweeney
(Research, Innovation, and Skills)

The HEFCE Executive

The HEFCE Executive is the top management group within HEFCE. It considers a wide range of issues relevant both to the work that HEFCE does in the sector and to the Council's internal activities. The HEFCE Executive considers all papers before they are distributed to the HEFCE Board.

The core HEFCE Executive is made up of the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, the other two Directors, three Associate Directors who provide strategic oversight and executive direction for the Council's work in the regions, and the Head of Organisational Development. The Head of Finance and Investment, the Head of Communications, and the Head of Analytical Services also attend HEFCE Executive meetings to discuss specific agenda items.

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