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Academic and professional support staff

A total of 295,000 staff were employed by English higher education institutions in 2014-15 on either permanent / open-ended or fixed term contracts.

In 2014-15, 47 per cent of all staff were employed on academic contracts. The number of academic staff increased by 4.0 per cent (about 5,300) from the previous year.

The remaining 53 per cent of all staff were employed on professional and support contracts, and the number of these staff increased by 2.8 per cent (4,300) from 2013-14.

In addition to these staff, a further 70,000 academic staff were employed in 2014-15 on atypical contracts, which was unchanged from the previous year.

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Data is not collected for professional and support staff on atypical contracts.

The proportion of academic staff on full-time contracts in 2014-15 was 79 per cent, while 71 per cent of professional support staff were full-time.

A majority of academic staff are employed on teaching and research contracts (56 per cent), but the proportions with teaching-only (15 per cent) and research-only contracts (28 per cent) have increased since 2010-11.

Page last updated 10 March 2016