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How can institutions use this data?

The data will help to support higher education institutions and further education colleges:

  • inform their discussions with LEPs and Combined Authorities to understand the scale and impact institutions have on an area and the significant contribution they can make to the delivery of the local Strategic Economic Plan
  • identify potential opportunities for coordination and collaboration that will help institutions and local partners more effectively deliver within and between LEP areas locally and nationally
  • highlight progress made in widening participation and retention in HE and what more needs to be done in different local communities to ensure this continues to improve
  • establish a credible evidence base to support investment strategy and bids, for example Catalyst or ESIF funding
  • inform wider institutional strategic planning
  • understand, as part of a wider evidence base, their role and potential in increasing productivity and supporting local economic growth.

Other local and national stakeholders may also be interested in this data as it provides a unique overview of HE providers and students across the country and can be used to inform policy and funding discussions.


If you have any queries regarding the data please contact Sam Spencer ( or 0117 931 7072).

Page last updated 17 January 2017