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Please note that an earlier version of these pages included data on the employment location of graduates. However, these employment data have been temporarily removed after an error was found in which some students who attended multi-campus institutions had been allocated to an incorrect ‘LEP of study’.

We are currently working to update these pages with the most recent data and we expect to publish these in September 2017.

Technical notes

  • The data for tracking students between their home location and their study location is based on the HESA Student Record and the Data Service Individualised Learner Record (2008-09 to 2013-14 inclusive), and includes any England-domiciled student studying at an English HEI, FEC or AP studying any HE-level qualification. Distance learners have been deemed to be studying at their home location.
  • Please note that for the first tab (Home/Study area by teaching institution type and year), there is no option to view numbers of students taught at an Alternative Provider due to small numbers once split by LEP and year.

Page last updated 10 August 2017

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