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In what ways are the charts and tables interactive?
Can I copy or save any of the graphs and charts to use in my own presentations or documents?
Can I access the data underlying the graphs and charts?
The graphs and tables of data often come stacked vertically on the page. Is there any way to view them side by side? Or to widen their aspect ratio?
After breaking down my charts and tables, the visualisations disappear from the screen when I try to reinstate a characteristic/categorisation?
The options within the drop-down boxes’ lists of options don’t pull back up after I’ve made my selection?
Trends appear to be very similar for some populations or characteristics so the lines on the chart are difficult to distinguish?
What are we publishing and why is it different to previous years?
What will we do with this information?
What will we look at in this area in future?
What do we mean by terms such as POLAR3? Or ‘young’ students?
What populations have you considered?
How have we defined and disaggregated subject areas and their sub-disciplines? What do we include as ‘Engineering and technology’, for example?
When I select sub-categories in order to refine or restrict a time series breakdown (by domicile etc.), the detail of those sub-categories is only available in the table, not in the graph?
The full time period for time series data isn’t included in the data tables, only in the graph?