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Map of young participation areas

This map shows how likely young people are to participate in HE according to where they live.

About the map

This map shows how young participation in higher education varies across the UK.

For each 2001 census ward we have calculated the young participation rate.

This rate is defined as the proportion of young people (15 year olds) who entered HE by the age of 19 during the 2005-06 and 2010-11 academic years.

We have used these rates to assign wards into five groups: the POLAR3 'quintiles'.  

We have shaded each quintile with different colours. Areas in red are those in quintile 1 (and have the lowest participation rates) while areas in dark blue are those in quintile 5 (and have the highest participation rates).

By clicking on an area the POLAR3 quintile to which the ward belongs can be seen, along with the underlying young participation rate.

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Page last updated 20 January 2015

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