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A full report documents our analysis of the A-level and equivalent population, and is supported by a toolkit of interactive data that provide further detail on their participation in higher education with regards to a number of characteristics.

What interactive data are available?

HE participation of Level 3 pupils by age and other characteristics

age‌Further data showing HE participation between the ages of 18 and 24, split by characteristics including sex and region.

Young HE participation of Level 3 pupils by attainment and other characteristics

attain‌Further data showing young HE participation (aged 18 or 19), split by the Level 3 grades achieved and characteristics including school type and POLAR3 quintile.

Young HE participation of A-level and BTEC pupils by subject area and attainment

subject‌Subject areas can only be examined for pupils holding A-level or BTEC qualifications. Further data shows young HE participation (aged 18 or 19), split by subject and the Level 3 grades achieved.

Young HE participation of pupils holding a combination of A-level and BTEC qualifications

combination‌Pupils holding both A-level and BTEC qualifications are considered separately. Their young HE participation (aged 18 or 19) is shown split by sex, region and study of STEM subjects.