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When it comes to our culture, we never sat around a table to try to create one. Or attempted to produce one through values.

Instead we’ve let it be formed by our people. By what they believe in and how they act. The result is an ethos, broadly based on five key themes. 

  • Intelligence. Our enthusiasm for learning is infectious. And we use that passion to develop ourselves, support each other and deliver success for the business.
  • Responsibility. Our responsibilities go that little bit further than just caring. This is the kind of place where we get involved and deliver through actions as well as words.
  • Collaboration. None of us can achieve anything alone. So while responsibilities and rewards may grow over time, our sense of belonging starts from day one.
  • Resilience. Our work is dynamic and changes fast. Objectives are rewritten and priorities rearranged. But with it comes the never-ending opportunity to do interesting work.
  • Respect. We look out for each other. Listen to each other. Value each other. And help each other strike that balance between succeeding at work and enjoying life at home.