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Learning and development 

It’s not just students, universities and colleges across England that we want to see develop and succeed. It’s our people too. After all, without them we simply wouldn’t be able to deliver excellence in the way we do. 

It goes without saying that we make sure you have the skills and knowledge to do your job right now and in the future, but here’s a few things that help us do it: 

  • Paid training. Assuming they are of benefit to your work and career, we’ll happily fund professional and academic courses. It might be an NVQ, or even an MA.
  • Open briefings. To stimulate your intellectual curiosity (and ours), you can attend briefings and contribute to projects that aren’t necessarily related to your current role.
  • Secondments. If you have a passion you are desperate to explore, we’ll try to make it happen. And do all we can to ensure that you can return to a role here on the same terms.
  • Student placement programme. Suitable for maths or statistics students, our one-year sandwich placement let’s you play an active role within our analytical services team.