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Final comparative outputs (January 2017) - technical documentation

Comparative outputs (Summer - Autumn 2016) - technical documentation

The 'HESA AP funding and monitoring data (FAMD ) 2015‑16: comparative outputs' were announced to APs in our HEFCE Circular letter 21/2016, released 8 August 2016. They allow providers to verify, and where appropriate correct, their 2015-16 HESA student data before signing off this data with HESA. 

We do not yet have a FAQ page for the comparative outputs, but if any issues arise this page will be updated with further information. 

Key release dates

8 August 2016 HEAPES15 re-creation. This output provides a re-creation of the HEAPES15 return using student data submitted to HESA, with discrepancies between the two identified.
20 October 2016 Reconciliation of HESA data with Student Loans Company (SLC) data. This output compares HESA data with SLC records to establish where there are inconsistencies between the two, with regard to students receiving student support.

HESA AP help guides

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