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We provide these summaries via the HEFCE extranet as part of the web facility or funding and monitoring data exercise.

Why we produce them

The indicative funding summaries provide institutions with an indication of how the data they submit to HESA or ILR may inform funding allocations.

We produce these summaries to help institutions:

  • understand how their data may impact on funding
  • identify and correct any possible data errors.

The indicative funding summaries are provided solely to highlight potential HESA or ILR data errors and should not be considered to be any kind of funding commitment by us and are without prejudice to what our Board may agree to be the final allocations for any institution.

Differences between the indicative summaries and actual allocations

The final allocations for a given year may be higher or lower than the illustrations generated by the web facility or funding and monitoring data exercise and such differences may be the result of changes to:

  • data by the institution
  • data provided by any other institution
  • the total funding available for allocation
  • the funding method.

In particular, we may need to await confirmation from the Department for Education (DfE) about the funding available for the next financial year or beyond. Our Board will take decisions on the amount of funding available for funding allocations in light of our next grant letter from BIS. They may differ from the amounts provided for the current year.

Funding allocations are informed by the data provided by institutions. If we find that erroneous data have resulted in institutions receiving incorrect funding allocations, then we will adjust their funding accordingly. In particular, where reconciliations with HESA or ILR data or data audits highlight that the FTEs used to allocate funding were incorrect, then we will adjust the funding accordingly, subject to the availability of HEFCE funds.

The summaries

We produce the following indicative funding summaries:

See How to access outputs for further details about obtaining these outputs.


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