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  • Executive summary
  • The HEIFES08 survey
  • College contacts
  • Data collection and verification
  • Outline timetable and process for the 2009-10 funding round
  • Audit
  • Annex A: HEIFES08: Getting started
  • Annex B: Summary of changes and clarifications since HEIFES07
  • Annex C: The HEIFES08 student population
  • Annex D: Recognised HE courses
  • Annex E: Counting student activity
  • Annex F: Full-time equivalence for part-time students
  • Annex G: Residential and funding status
  • Annex H: Price groups
  • Annex I: Mode of study
  • Annex J: Level of study
  • Annex K: Long years of programme of study
  • Annex L: Table descriptions
  • Annex M: Descriptions of columns in tables
  • Annex N: Sample tables
  • Annex O: Glossary
  • Annex P: Index
  • Appendix 1: Links between ILR and HEIFES data (web only)
  • Appendix 2: Validation and credibility checks (web only)
  • Appendix 3: Guidance on grant adjustment and comparison tables (web only)

Executive summary


1.   This document asks further education colleges (FECs) to complete the annual survey of students on recognised higher education (HE) courses.

Key points

2.   The data will:

  1. Give us an early indication of the number of students on recognised HE courses at FECs in the academic year 2008-09.
  2. Enable us to monitor the achievement of funding agreement targets for the academic year 2008-09.
  3. Together with the individualised learner record (ILR) supplied to the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), inform our allocation of teaching funds for the academic year 2009-10.

3. This document provides:

  1. Guidance notes for completing the Higher Education in Further Education: Students Survey 2008-09 (HEIFES08).
  2. Definitions used in the HEIFES08 survey.
  3. Examples of the survey tables, which will be available to download from the HEFCE extranet by November 2008.
  4. A summary of changes since HEIFES07 (Annex B).

Action required

4.   Returns should be uploaded to the HEFCE extranet by noon on Monday 17 November 2008. Workbooks will be available to colleges by the beginning of November 2008.