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This informal evaluation on the UK HE Space Management Project (SMP), completed in October 2007, was undertaken by the HEFCE project manager to the UK HE Space Management Group (SMG). It looks briefly at any initial effects of the SMP within the sector as a whole and how far the tools and good practice guidance are being used so far. It draws on:

  • questionnaire from 20 per cent of UK institutions
  • evaluation of how funding councils are promoting effective space management
  • analysis of the use made of the SMG web-site.

It concluded that improvements in space management have occurred, as demonstrated by more efficient space utilisation, the appointment of space 'champions' and creation of institutional space management committees; it is also reflected in a good pass rate in the Capital Investment Framework.

The evaluation of the Space Management Project is on the Space Management Group web-site.

Date: 1 November 2008