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HEFCE commissioned CHERI to undertake further analyses of the survey results from the international study of the Changing Academic Profession (CAP) to supplement our HE Workforce Framework.

The core of the CAP study is a survey of academics in over 20 countries on aspects of change in the profession, including teaching and research activities, internationalisation, the management of higher education institutions and the attractiveness of an academic career. The UK part of the CAP study has been undertaken by the Centre for Higher Education Research and Information (CHERI).

The CAP survey results are also compared with a similar survey of academics in 1992.

Three themes are addressed in the reports that are most relevant to the HE Workforce Framework: the internationalisation of the profession and academic work; international comparisons between UK respondents and academics from other countries participating in the study on aspects of academic work; and career trajectories.

This report is one of five that supplement the HE Workforce Framework (see 'The higher education workforce framework 2010: Overview report' (HEFCE 2010/05) and 'The higher education workforce framework 2010: Main report' (HEFCE 2010/05a)). All five can be accessed via our HE Workforce Framework web-pages which also contain more information about the project.