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Students outside the student number control in 2014-15: Exemptions list (updated July 2014)

Download the exemptions_list_201415 as PDF (240 KB) | Download the exemptions_list_201415 as MS Word (187 KB) | ‌Download the exemptions_list_201415 as MS Excel Spreadsheet (112 KB)

The exemptions list by qualification

Advanced Diploma, Progression Diploma and Access to HE Diploma

Download the Advanced-Diploma-Progression-Diploma-and-Access-to-HE-Diploma as PDF (64 KB) | Download the Advanced-Diploma-Progression-Diploma-and-Access-to-HE-Diploma as MS Word (50 KB)

A-level and AS-level

 Download the A-level-and-AS-level as PDF (62 KB)Download the A-level-and-AS-level as MS Word (55 KB)

BTEC qualification

Download the BTEC-qualification as PDF (75 KB) | Download the BTEC-qualification as MS Word (62 KB)

CACHE qualifications

 Download the CACHE as PDF (61 KB)Download the CACHE as MS Word (48 KB) 

Cambridge Pre-U

Download the Cambridge-Pre-U as PDF (66 KB) | Download the Cambridge-Pre-U as MS Word (49 KB)

International Baccalaureate

Download the International-Baccalaureate as PDF (60 KB) | Download the International-Baccalaureate as MS Word (47 KB)

Irish Leaving Certificate

 Download the Irish-Leaving-Certificate as PDF (60 KB)Download the Irish-Leaving-Certificate as MS Word (47 KB)


Download the OCR as PDF (68 KB)Download the OCR as MS Word (54 KB)

Scottish Highers

Download the Scottish-Highers as PDF (62 KB) | ‌‌Download the Scottish-Highers as MS Word (48 KB)

Combinations: BTEC and A-level

Download the Combinations-BTEC-and-A-level as PDF (69 KB) | Download the Combinations-BTEC-and-A-level as MS Word (60 KB)

Combinations: Cambridge Pre-U and A-level

Download the Combinations-Cambridge-Pre-U-and-A-level as PDF (68 KB) | Download the Combinations-Cambridge-Pre-U-and-A-level as MS Word (56 KB)

Combinations: OCR and A-level

Download the Combinations-OCR-and-A-level as PDF (75 KB) | ‌ Download the Combinations-OCR-and-A-level as MS Word (72 KB)

Other qualifications outside the student number control

Download the other-qualifications-outside-of-the-student-number-control as PDF (118 KB) | Download the other-qualifications-outside-of-the-student-number-control as MS Word (51 KB)

Date: 6 September 2013