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Summary and key documents

Allocations for the 2014-15 academic year were subject to the three-stage recalculation process. 

 Final allocations (£M)Adjusted allocations (£M)Initial allocations (£M)
Teaching 1,548 1,585
Research 1,558 1,558
Knowledge exchange 160 160 160
Capital and other non-recurrent special funding 583 583 583
Total HEFCE grant for 2014-15 academic year 3,849 3,886 3,883
Date announced April 2016 March 2015 March 2014

In July 2015, the Government notified us of the need to make £150 million of savings from the HEFCE teaching grant. One part of this was achieved by applying a £38 million reduction to the 2014-15 teaching grant. See our circular letter 19/2015 for details

The three stages

For 2014-15, the stages for allocations were:

  • Initial. Announced in March 2014, based on forecast student FTEs submitted in the 2013 HESES or HEIFES surveys.
  • Adjusted. Announced in March 2015, updated the initial allocations to reflect 2014-15 student FTEs submitted in the 2014 HESES or HEIFES surveys.
  • Final. Announced in April 2016, finalised to reflect end-of-year individualised student data submitted to HESA or the Skills Funding Agency.