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Documents for institutions

Announcement dateInstitutions received:
October 2015 an updated set of 2015-16 tables, incorporating any changes since the March announcement
July 2015 their funding agreements for 2015-16
March 2015 a set of individualised 2015-16 grant tables along with a grant letter and technical guidance which provided a comprehensive explanation of the contents of the tables.

Funding agreement requirements

From 2015-16, the only funding agreement requirements were applied to the numbers of medical and dental students at an institution. The student number control no longer applies to HEFCE-funded institutions. See Recurrent grants and student number controls for 2014-15 (March 14) for further details.

Note on available documents

The recurrent grant tables differ slightly for higher education institutions and further education colleges but the grant tables given below are for the sector as a whole. Institutions can access individualised documents through the HEFCE extranet.

Queries from institutions should be addressed to the HEFCE higher education policy adviser (HEPA) for their institution.

Page last updated 15 February 2017