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It will explore:

  • the use of exercise in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease
  • exercise as an essential rehabilitative tool after musculoskeletal trauma
  • the wider contribution exercise makes to the health and wellbeing of the nation.

This ‘exercise is medicine’ approach is essential if the UK is to meet escalating health challenges and to support economic growth through an increasingly healthy workforce. 

The project will transform the research-to-clinical-practice process, enhance research capability in a new field of enquiry and develop teaching, training and knowledge exchange. 

It will also have significant public benefit. It will improve health and wellbeing and, where it improves the overall standards of health in society, this will save spending on healthcare. 

In outline, the project will: 

  • establish new knowledge-based links between the science of medicine, sport and exercise (this will rapidly affect clinical services and widespread practice in the NHS)
  • build new collaborative and sustainable research capacity and new evidence in the nationally-significant area of sport and exercise medicine.

Project information

Catalyst funding £7,384,724
Total project funding £25,426,442
Project contact Professor Mark Lewis 
Tel 01509 226430

Page last updated 13 October 2016

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