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It is designed to stimulate a new industry-funded undergraduate degree termed the Applied Engineering Programme (AEP). This programme manages the learning environment with a focus on the latest technologies. Learning by company employees takes place partly in the workplace, including through Higher Apprenticeships.

The AEP builds on the Warwick Manufacturing Group’s strength in applied research and novel developments at postgraduate level. It focussed initially on the automotive sector (with Jaguar Land Rover as an initial co-investor). There are now eight companies involved including Network Rail, with more due to start in 2015/2016. By October 2015, almost 200 industry-funded participants will be registered on the 4 streams of Manufacturing Systems, Product Creation, Business and Rail Engineering. Other streams for sectors such as aerospace will be added.

Each degree is run in one week blocks with extensive use of a Virtual Learning Environment to maintain involvement and to expand the learning of the participants between each one.  Teaching is application led with the aim to give direct value back to the individuals and their supporting companies throughout the degree not just at the end

Project information

Catalyst funding £2,830,000
Total project funding £2,830,000
Project contact Professor Kevin Neailey 

Page last updated 25 January 2015

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