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The Scholarship Project is a three-year project that aims to develop a scholarship framework that can be adopted by all colleges delivering HE. The project is firmly centred on enhancing the learning experience for students and ensuring links with local employers become a more embedded feature of the college HE scholarship process.

The college HE scholarship framework will be designed, tested and refined in partnership with participating colleges to include:

  • a clearly articulated technical education pedagogy, informed by prior research and incorporating the principles of co-creation and co-inquiry
  • an aligned set of principles and practical implementation guidelines for different stakeholder groups including:
    • institutional leaders and managers
    • teaching staff
    • learning support and development staff
    • students
    • employers
  • a suite of practical resources (toolkits) to support implementation of the framework, providing exemplars and tools for use by the different stakeholder groups
  • a kite-marked set of agreed performance indicators and impact measures related to the framework, adoptable by all colleges that offer HE.

Project information

Catalyst funding £2,724,000
Total project funding  £3,813,000

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