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‘Making the Future'  will enable the development of an innovation centre - The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) - at The Old Vinyl Factory at Hayes.

This new facility will comprise:

  • office and studio accommodation for start-up, early stage and established businesses
  • a Fabrication and Prototype Production facility which will be available to alumni and students, as well as to small and medium-sized enterprisess)
  • an exhibition space
  • a cafe.

The project is the result of a partnership between Brunel University London and The Cathedral Group.£7.7 million has already been obtained for the project from the Mayor of London's Office andThe Cathedral Group are providing the building. HEFCE have made a £3 million Catalyst Fund award to Brunel for the project.

In addition to accommodation and facilities, alumni from Brunel and other higher education institutionss will have access to investment funding and a wide range of business and technical mentoring and support, with a strong focus on sustainable development and international markets. The CRL will also provide a range of internship, placement, project and recruitment opportunities for students from Brunel and the other universities in the Making the Future Consortium.

As the name suggests, the project is about 'making things'- that is, innovative manufacturing - and one of the project's aims is to create as much excitement, attention and creativity focused on 'making things' at the CRL in West London as Tech City has with its spawning of digital businesses in the East.

The project has received active support from a range of significant individuals and agencies including:

  • Lord Bilimoria
  • Sir Eric Peacock
  • the Confederation of British Industry
  • London First
  • the London Borough of Hillingdon
  • West London Alliance
  • West London Business.

 The Making the Future consortium comprises six other universities whose graduates will have access to the CRL.

The Central Research Laboratory will complement the greater emphasis that Brunel is putting on entrepreneurship both within and outside the curriculum. The university hopes that the project will develop and support student’ entrepreneurial ambitions and capabilities.

Project information

Catalyst funding £2,985,000
Total project funding £19,000,000
Project contact Andrew Ward

01895 267698

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