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The Lab, which is the first of its kind outside of London, opened in January 2016. It is available for digital creative SMEs to use, and is already innovating the teaching of creative development at NUA. It enables anyone who has developed a digital creative product to assess how users respond, either by tracking their progress using industry standard Morae software, or by using the Tobii eye tracker.

User experience testing is increasingly at the heart of creative development and innovation in games design, web design, film making, animation and visual effects. This project will explore the potential for it to be integrated into study across the disciplines that NUA offers, as a way to further enhance the employability of our graduates. The new facility has been quickly adopted by the university community, as students rapidly discover the potential to optimise creative work through its use.

Simple ‘how to’ guides have been developed for use by SMEs in our sector, so that they can use the lab with minimal prior training. This is an excellent opportunity for NUA to promote economic mobility for regional businesses, who will be able to access a more lucrative customer base by adopting industry best practice.

This facility is an added attraction to encourage Norwich’s digital creative industry to access the Ideas Factory Incubation Centre – a place to come to find out about cutting-edge creative industry and innovation, and to access the developing talent from a specialist university.

Project information

Catalyst funding £155,000
Total project funding  £542,000
Project coordinator  Sarah Steed
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