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This initiative will develop and test mechanisms of knowledge exchange and research co-production to strengthen the evidence base on which policing policy, practice and learning are developed. In so doing, it will make an important contribution to innovation and the aspiration for the professionalisation of policing.

The N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP) is an established collaboration between the N8 universities of Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York together with policing partners from across the north of England, with cooperation from the College of Policing and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. It intends to build a regional policing research platform with national impact and international significance.

Contributing policing partners include:

  • Cheshire Police
  • Cumbria Constabulary
  • Lancashire Constabulary
  • Durham Constabulary
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Humberside Police
  • Merseyside Police
  • Northumbria Police
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • Your Homes Newcastle.

By mobilising human and data resources within the partnership the project will:

  • develop and strengthen the research evidence base
  • demonstrate the value of research co-production by tackling front-line problems
  • enhance the capacity of policing partners to undertake and utilise research
  • improve the scope and robustness of the data available to inform practice
  • open up new avenues for data analysis, visualisation and data exploitation
  • build a culture change in the police that is appreciative of the role and value of research evidence
  • foster change among participating universities by enhancing pathways to impact across the sector.

Key project delivery mechanisms include:

  • a Policing Innovation Forum to stimulate knowledge exchange and drive innovations in research co-production
  • people and knowledge exchange platforms that promote staff mobility
  • citizen engagement procedures to assess public reception of new technologies, policing practices and innovations.

The N8 PRP builds upon the experiences of an ESRC funded knowledge exchange pilot project between the University of Leeds and West Yorkshire Police, exploring different models of knowledge exchange and research co-production across a number of core policing issues.

Project information

Catalyst funding £2,999,822
Total project funding £7,246,347
Project contact Professor Adam Crawford

0113 3435045

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