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HEFCE closed at the end of March 2018. The information on this website is historical and is no longer maintained.

Many of HEFCE's functions will be continued by the Office for Students, the new regulator of higher education in England, and Research England, the new council within UK Research and Innovation.

The HEFCE domain - - will continue to function until September 2018. At this point we will close the site entirely and all its information will only be available from the National Web Archive.


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The Human Mind Project is an international, multidisciplinary effort to clarify conceptions of the function, mechanism and products of the human mind. The purpose of this is to define the goal of physical or computational accounts of mental function.

The project is led by Colin Blakemore and Mattia Gallotti at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in collaboration with key scholars from five other UK universities. They are supported by a large and distinguished international advisory board from within and outside academia, covering a multitude of fields across the arts, humanities and natural and social sciences.

The Human Mind Project will provide an interactive forum for leading experts to conceptualize the mind and define its relationship to the brain. This will be achieved through:

  • a series of meetings, debates and conferences
  • a large consultative process underpinned by new forms of web-based dialogue, including interaction with a parallel cohort of students, younger researchers and the wider public
  • an unprecedented 'Grand Challenge' exercise aimed at identifying opportunities for novel interdisciplinary research in the study of the mind.
Catalyst funding £249,920
Total project funding  £620,222
Project lead  Professor Sir Colin Blakemore
Project manager Dr Mattia Gallotti
Twitter handle @HumanMindDebate
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