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Only 21 per cent of the national higher education physics undergraduate population are female and the percentage is even lower for engineering and technology. This presents a challenge to the equality and diversity of these subjects and their long term sustainability.

Think Physics is addressing this challenge through a unique and innovative regional partnership that targets all stages of a child's journey to higher education and beyond.  It intergrates best practice from previous outreach, widening participation and gender projects in physics, STEM and other strategically importnant subjects and is strengthened through a partnership working and incorpration of the latest advances in technology. 

The result is an imaginative, innovative and holistic support scheme that inspires, excites and engages children through their journey into physics and related STEM disciplines. With a focus on increasing science capital and career awareness among young people, the project aims to increase the uptake of physics at A Level among females and other under-represented groups leading to a corresponding increase in uptake of physics and related disciplines at higher education. 

A central outreach hub, the Think Lab, has been created at Northumbria University with both a physical and digital presence. The project has a number of different partners and works with a wide range of different stakeholders to target both the children themselves and their wider support network: teachers, parents and carers, families, wider community. Our partners include:

  • primary and secondary schools
  • local authorities
  • employers
  • professional bodies
  • museums, trusts and science centres.

Project information

Catalyst funding £1,176,716
Total project funding £3,081,408
Project contact Dr Rebecca Strachan  

0191 227 3979

Page last updated 16 December 2015

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