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It funds local collaborative sustainability initiatives through engaged students’ unions. This puts students in the driving seat for sustainability engagement initiatives, and supports them in their role as agents for change.

Catalyst funding will support a £5 million first phase of the fund. Following a competitive bidding process, 25 projects are being delivered by 27 successful students’ unions in partnership with their parent institutions.

The four key themes of the fund are:

  • student participation
  • partnership
  • impact
  • legacy.

As well as managing the fund, NUS will add value by supporting students’ unions throughout the process. They will do this from application to delivery and evaluation. They will also lead on linking projects, sharing learning and high-profile communications to celebrate successes.

Project information

Catalyst funding £5,325,033 
Total project funding £5,364,726 
 Project contact

Emily Thompson-Bell, Students’ Green Fund project manager

Tel 07880 033608 

Page last updated 25 January 2015

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