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The East London Genes & Health Centre for Population Genomics Medicine is a collaboration between Queen Mary University of London, King’s College London and University College London.

The centre will support gene-based experimental medicine studies and novel therapeutic validation. It will provide a population-based research and education environment.

Located in the East End of London, at Queen Mary’s Whitechapel campus, the centre will add substantial value to established life science resources distributed across the South East of England.

The centre will specifically enable novel genomic-based research and training through the assessment of naturally occurring loss of gene function in humans.

Its main outputs of its activity will be:

  • open access informatics portals to access data on the identification of human gene knock-outs and their clinical significance
  • a multi-disciplinary environment to support therapeutic, diagnostic and devices target valuation through to training and innovation
  • promotion of patient and population-based advocacy groups and a forum for partnership with healthcare providers, policy makers, regulators and funders to assess and promote advances in genomics and health.

Project information

Catalyst funding £5,000,000
Total project funding £13,400,000
Project contact

Virginia Govoni


Project website

Page last updated 13 October 2016

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