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The project places an emphasis on innovation in healthcare through ‘design’. It will provide facilities, and train health and business leaders in a way that focuses on designing healthcare.

It aims to create cost-effective initiatives that directly improve the care that patients receive. The innovative approach looks to make the UK a global business hub for healthcare innovation.

The centre will be based inside St Mary’s Hospital, London, embedding a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, designers, technologists and business specialists in a clinical environment alongside frontline NHS staff. 

This arrangement means that the Royal College of Art can bring a focus on design at the heart of delivering healthcare, and Imperial College London can build on its extensive network of clinical and technological expertise.

The centre will work in different ways to create the conditions for innovation. It will combine project work, NHS staff workshops, specialist masters programmes, PhD training and international collaborations with leading academic and commercial organisations within a working hospital.

Project information

Catalyst funding £2,800,000
Total project funding £5,000,000
Tel 0203 312 6666

Page last updated 28 July 2015

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