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It provides a focus for bringing together innovations in animal and human health based on a central idea: ‘One Health: One Medicine’. This concept recognises that human and veterinary medicine are intrinsically linked, and that a collaborative effort across the disciplines can transform healthcare for the better.

The centre will be developed with local clinical veterinary partners. It will draw out the school’s public benefit in terms of research and knowledge exchange, partnerships with commercial and public practices and laboratories, and continuing professional development.

The centre will combine live and simulation animal clinical skills.  It will provide a modern, campus-based training resource for:

  • undergraduates
  • postgraduates
  • practising veterinary surgeons
  • veterinary nurses
  • para-professionals
  • clinical scientists. 

Project information

Catalyst funding £4,900,000  
Total project funding £17,300,000

Page last updated 25 January 2015

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