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FSSG programme 2016-18

In addition to its ongoing work, FSSG has two projects currently in progress:

Understanding income cross-flows in the HE Sector

This project will build on the most recent study on the sustainability of learning and teaching to provide an updated view of how the sector generates income to fund the portfolio of activities it undertakes. It will consider how the risks and opportunities that are emerging from the new environment could affect the future sustainability of the activities delivered by institutions.

An oversight group has been established to guide the review, chaired by FSSG member Professor Robert Van de Noort, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Planning and Resource), University of Reading. The review will provide insight principally for the OfS and UKRI, given their responsibilities for monitoring financial sustainability and value for money. The outputs will also be informative for governing bodies and senior managers.

How institutions fund and sustain medium-scale research facilities

This project will research and identify the approaches institutions take to meeting the costs of operating and replacing medium-scale research facilities, and the extent to which these are factored into financial forecasts. It will seek to provide greater clarity on where the sharing of research equipment and facilities can be most successful, together with providing advice about how different operating models impact on sustainability. It will also explore the linkage that exists between bidding for funding for research facilities and equipment and the forward financial projections of the institution in terms of running and replacement costs for that equipment.

The oversight group for the project is chaired by FSSG member Professor Lisa Roberts, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, University of Leeds. The report will combine factual analysis of research equipment, facility and technician resource funding and costs; with good practice for sustaining these facilities, including the role of equipment and facility sharing.

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