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TDG programme 2016-18

In addition to its ongoing work to maintain the TRAC system and provide day-to-day support to those using TRAC, TDG produces reports and best practice resources for the higher education sector. There are three projects currently in progress:

Understanding resourcing of different models for delivering UG teaching

This project aims to understand the impact of different models of delivery for HE undergraduate courses (for example, distance learning, accelerated degrees and apprenticeships) on the cost to higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK. A desk-based review of information on costs of different delivery methods will inform TDG's decision whether to move on to a second phase, working with selected HEIs to produce case studies to enhance understanding of the resource and other issues associated with different delivery methods.

The resulting report would provide a source of reference for institutions to consider in developing HE provision via different delivery models, and enable improved sustainability by increasing understanding of the issues faced by HEIs introducing new delivery models.

To guide the review an oversight group is in place chaired by Sarah Randall-Paley, Director of Finance at Lancaster University.

Workload Planning (WLP) – further guidance on using WLP in TRAC

This work will produce a good practice guide that extends the existing Management Information Project on workload planning (2011) to provide details of how institutions can practically use and adapt their WLP models to meet TRAC requirements.

A survey of HEIs' use of WLP is underway to inform development of case study examples later in the year.

Assurance on TRAC post-FRS102

The new Financial Reporting Standard (FRS 102) brought about significant changes. TDG is evaluating whether the changes made to the TRAC guidance were appropriate, and updating it as needed.

Alongside this review, an assurance exercise on TRAC structures, people and processes is being undertaken at a small number of HEIs with the aim to produce reference material to assist institutions in achieving compliance with TRAC requirements.

If you would like further information on TDG's current work, please contact the TRAC support unit.

Page last updated 12 December 2017