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Help and support for TRAC

Support for TRAC is available via several routes.

Institutions can access three key sources of help about TRAC-related matters:

  • Regional Groups provide an institution-led network for TRAC practitioners
  • The TRAC Support Unit, run by KPMG, provides technical assistance and other associated support
  • The British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) publish a 'costing and pricing' discussion board on their website.
TRAC Regional Groups

Regional TRAC groups support the sector with sustainability and TRAC issues, on a 'self-help' basis.

The groups also produce periodic good practice reference materials offering practical, tactical support to the sector.

A list of groups and their contact details is available on the TRAC Regional Groups page.

TRAC Support Unit



Tel: 0115 935 3400

The TRAC Support Unit provides a range of support services for the higher education sector in the development of TRAC and enhancing the way it is used by institutions. 

Andrew Bush and Andrew Dicken from KPMG run the unit with the support of a dedicated team.

How the TRAC Support Unit can help

The unit provides help on all aspects of TRAC and financial sustainability in higher education and includes a helpdesk. 

The unit provides:

  • the TRAC Helpdesk (covering all aspects of the TRAC guidance, annual TRAC, TRAC(T) and TRAC EC-FP7)
  • policy research and support to the Financial Sustainability Strategy Group and the TRAC Development Group
  • TRAC Guidance research and development
  • communication with the sector on TRAC
  • support for the TRAC Self Help groups
  • promotion of TRAC among the sector's stakeholders.

BUFDG costing and pricing discussion board

The British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) provides a number of discussion boards to facilitate collaboration and support to finance professionals in the sector.

This includes a dedicated discussion board for costing and pricing.

Register for the discussion board

The costing and pricing discussion board is available through the BUFDG website. Users must first register with the site to use it.

To register, visit the BUFDG web site and select the 'Register' menu in the top right corner.

Note: The discussion board is operated and owned by the BUFDG. HEFCE, FSSG and TDG accept no responsibility for the discussion board, or the discussions and views expressed on it.

Page last updated 22 July 2016