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Mental health is a key societal challenge, and young men are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Evidence of this can be found in suicide figures related to young people (under 25 years old), where approximately 75 per cent of those committing suicide are male.

Boys Don’t Cry aims to explore the gap between growing mental health issues and risks for young males in the Everton area of Liverpool, and their access to support services. The objectives of this project are to: 

  • Identify barriers/facilitators to engagement with health/young peoples’ services for young men
  • Use video booths in familiar spaces for young men to engage with young men who may be at risk of mental health issues
  • Support young men and male students to engage with participants to produce videos/talking heads
  • Develop a collective dissemination approach with young people that engages service providers, commissioners, policymakers in co-designing accessible services
  • Use videos to train student social care practitioners, paramedics, police forces and youth workers. 

The booths will be situated in familiar community based locations for the target audience. The videos will then be edited together to disseminate findings and inform future policy in relation to the provision of mental health services.

Page last updated 3 March 2016