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Three HEIs are working together to address preventative healthcare for young people as part of the Smart City programme for Greenwich, focusing on the way the Smart City agenda can be linked to young people’s preventative health across the borough.

The project draws on the application of digital mobile tools, smart city technologies and new partnerships through user-centred collaborative service design approach based on knowledge ‘co-creation’.

Current discourse on community engagement in Smart Cities is most commonly addressed at the adoption and implementation stages of Smart technology and the early development stages, including the discovery of community needs, and citizen engagement in co-design is often not given sufficient attention.

However, the value of citizen engagement in the early stages of the design process has been widely identified to be of equal value to the implementation stage. This project will review the value to the youth participants in relation to the digital technologies and knowledge clusters of the Smart City development. 

Page last updated 3 March 2016