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How can colleges get started?

Material testing at Solihull College

See how Solihull College, with our support, have developed a Material Testing Laboratory.

1. Support policy

Colleges are central to key areas of policy, and we encourage the colleges we fund to support our work in these areas.

Colleges are especially well-placed to support stronger partnerships between higher and further education in ‘cold spots’ - or parts of the country where HE provision is weak – and pathways from apprenticeship and foundation degrees to more advanced levels of technical education.

2. See our timeline of actions

This sets out what actions we require from colleges throughout the year, including what data colleges need to submit and when.   

3. Attend our training sessions 

Each year we run training sessions for colleges on completing HEIFES.

We have also published advice and tips from two colleges on how to complete the survey.  

4. Apply for funding opportunities 

 Colleges are able to bid for funding through a number of different HEFCE funds. Further information about each fund, and how to apply, is included as part of the individual calls for funding. 

5. Talk to us

We are interested to talk directly with colleges and welcome them to contact us. 




Page last updated 9 November 2016