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1. What is a circular letter and how do I know if it relates to me?
2. How do I stay up to date on HEFCE announcements?
3. How do I find out who my named contact is?
4. What changes do I notify HEFCE of?
5. Has the Student Number Control really been removed?
6. Does HEFCE provide any guidance on franchise arrangements?
7. Are there any other funding streams available to FECs outside of recurrent funding?
8. Are Higher Level Apprenticeships HEFCE fundable?
9. What is the HEFCE extranet, extranet keys and extranet groups?
10. What is the difference between the web facility and the extranet?
11. What is HEIFES?
12. How does data verification work?
13. What is the DLHE?
14. Why do I have to complete surveys such as the DLHE, when we don’t meet the threshold for publication?
15. Do I need to subscribe to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)?
16. Does my college need an Access Agreement with the Office for Fair Access?