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We aim to demonstrate that HE in this country is world-class. We also aim to encourage other countries to measure knowledge exchange in ways similar to the higher education-business and community interaction survey (HE-BCI) as the basis for benchmarking and working together.

The United States

Annual comparisons are made in the HE-BCI report between UK and US higher education institutions' (HEIs) commercialisation of intellectual property; US data is provided by kind permission of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM).

We have supported a comparison of UK and US performance as part of our series of research working papers into knowledge exchange.


The European Commission (Adobe PDF) and Proton Europe both draw on HE-BCI data to demonstrate levels of engagement by UK HEIs.

Further information

For further information about our work on international comparisons contact Alice Frost, tel 0117 931 7101, email

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