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The introduction of higher tuition fees and changes to the way higher education is regulated means that students have more choice, and that recruitment across the sector as a whole can change more dynamically.

In turn this gives the sector greater freedom to ‘self-correct’ any imbalance between supply and demand. This means we will only address issues very selectively, and where clear risks are identified. 

Support for strategically important subjects

We look to support key subjects where the fees and student support system does not cover full costs.

 We are also funding projects to develop subject provision and increase student demand in:  modern foreign languages, mathematics and quantitative social science.

Where the future of a key subject is at risk and the subject is of national strategic importance, we may also need to intervene, generally in collaboration with sector partners and on the advice of our SIVS Advisory Group.

What are our main activities in this area?

We consulted on our new approach to SIVS through evidence from key organisations and through our Teaching Funding consultation

Page last updated 27 January 2015