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Local Growth Academy

The Local Growth Academy will help anchor institutions, including universities, to contribute to local and inclusive growth. It will deliver services and a programme of sessions from April 2017 to March 2018.

The deadline for nominating delegates for the Academy was 14 February 2017.

See more information and FAQs about the Local Growth Academy

What is the Local Growth Academy? 

HEFCE is working with Universities UK, the Local Government Association, the NHS Confederation and other partners on a new development programme, the ‘Local Growth Academy’. The Academy invites senior leaders of anchor institutions to participate in two sessions each consisting of two consecutive working days. 

The sessions will cover a number of different topics around local growth, with sessions delivered by public organisations and professional service firms. The proposed programme is set out in the FAQ at Annex A, at the end of this page. 


For more about the Academy email Hannah Ashley

For more about how to contribute contact Kevin Richardson, tel 0779 5257383

Why participate in the Local Growth Academy? 

The Local Growth Academy will benefit participating institutions by:

  • building the individual and collective capacities of institutions to act as more sophisticated clients when developing projects in support of local growth, especially when seeking to engage professional service firms in support contracts 
  • increasing the number and value of projects which attract new forms of investment finance strengthening and sustaining collaborative capacity across different institutions
  • sharing innovation and best practice across the country. 

Who can attend the sessions? 

We are asking institutional leaders to nominate a member of their senior leadership team, especially those responsible for external stakeholder management, external finance or infrastructure development. 

Where will the sessions be held? 

There are four regional groupings planned for this programme. Each grouping will include similar content to help spread best practice. 

How the Academy is run 

HEFCE is working in partnership with the Local Government Association, Universities UK and the NHS Confederation to develop and deliver the Local Growth Academy. 

A Steering Group comprised of members of the partnership will manage the overall performance of the Academy.

How professional service firms can contribute

Professional service firms were invited to contribute on a pro bono basis to the delivery of some of the development sessions. 

Each firm will deliver up to five half-day development sessions over the course of the programme. 

Selection process 

The Steering Group will select firms to contribute to the Academy. If necessary, the Steering Group will consider the extent to which the statements provided show a potential to deliver a positive contribution to the intended benefits of the programme. 

Selection of a company to be included as a delivery partner does not mean that HEFCE endorses that company to any third party.

Page last updated 23 January 2017