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Building best practice

The Leading Places Programme is a pilot programme to build and transfer best practice in collaborative leadership between combined or local authorities, universities and other local anchor institutions. The programme is owned by the Local Government Association, with support from HEFCE.

What is the programme?

Kevin Richardson, HEFCE's Local Growth Consultant, and Tracy Allan, Regional Consultant at HEFCE, discuss the new project designed to help areas drive growth, re-design public services and strengthen the relationship between communities and academic institutions.

In many places formal and informal relations already exist between universities and their civic partners. But common institutional barriers and related challenges often make working in partnership harder. 

The Leading Places Programme uses ‘Action Learning’ to design and deliver practical solutions. 

How the pilot programme works 

The programme is currently running five ‘Action Learning Partnerships’ (ALP). 

In each ALP a Senior Leadership Group comprising of chief executives or leaders of council and vice-chancellors has identified a priority challenge theme. This addresses an issue where the existing knowledge base in local universities is strong. 

HEFCE have provided funding to the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education to faciliate the programme. The programme is also supported by the Local Government Association and Universities UK.

Benefits of the programme

Stakeholders of Brighton’s Leading Places partnership highlight the benefits of participating in the Leading Places programme and the progress they have made. 

Find out more about the Local Government Association’s Leading Places programme.


Page last updated 12 July 2017