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FAQ and guidance

In September 2017 we revised our guidance for colleges to support the January 2018 collection (DLHE 2016-17, tranche 2). All guidance documents can now be found on this page.

It is intended that data collected from colleges are directly comparable to those collected from higher education institutions (HEIs). Therefore, in order to ensure this consistency, information in these documents links to the HESA guidance where it is appropriate to do so. However, as HESA guidance has been drafted to support HEIs, some redrafting has been necessary to assist colleges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If we use the preferred contractor, who is liable for low response rates or poor quality data?

Provided that the institution has provided up-to-date and good quality contact records to the contractor, the contractor would be liable.

Our cohort sizes are small. Is there a way HEFCE can amend their data thresholds so that our results can be published?

We recently consulted on this issue and have now reduced the thresholds to the lowest possible level that still ensures robustness of data.

Further information on the consultation

How can we help to maximise our response rates?

To maximise the response rate and therefore increase the chances of reaching a publishable threshold for data, colleges are strongly encouraged to publicise the survey to students who complete their HE courses within the relevant period, making the following points:

  • The DLHE will take place approximately six months after the student leaves the college.
  • Its purpose is to find out what leavers are doing, and whether their studies have influenced this.
  • The results of the survey will be added to the Unistats site and will form part of the information used by potential students to help them make choices about where to study.
  • Taking part in the survey provides a service to future students and helps the college to learn more about student destinations. 

The student guide to understanding the DLHE data

HEFCE have worked with the Higher Education Careers Support Unit (HECSU) to develop a guide to understanding data from the DLHE. This information is also found on Unistats. 

We are making the guide available under an Open Government Licence. To use the material please follow the guidelines outlined in the licence. 

The student guide to graduate destinations data

Download the The Student Guide to Graduate Destination Data as PDF (253 KB)

Destinations of Leavers from HE (DLHE) survey collection workshop

HEFCE organised a survey collection workshop for FE colleges on 13 October 2016. The presentations delivered at the event by HEFCE staff and by i-graduate, as the preferred contractor, are available below.

Page last updated 15 February 2018