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Further education colleges

For their directly funded students, colleges must fund and administer the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey themselves.

Supply contact details

We will need to keep colleges informed of key dates and actions.

So we ask that each college ensures they supply an up-to-date ‘DLHE contact’ to 

How to run the survey

We expect colleges to carry out the survey in one of three ways:

  • contracting out delivery
  • running the survey independently
  • working through provider partners.

Read more about the DLHE survey in further education colleges 

1.  Using a contractor

The preferred supplier for the DLHE is i-graduate. Read more about i-graduate.

Any college wanting to work with the new supplier will not need to run a separate procurement exercise.

The supplier will have a contract with colleges and collect and return the DLHE data to HEFCE.

It is the college’s responsibility to fund this activity and to provide the contractor with up-to-date and accurate contact records of eligible respondents.

Please contact for more information.

2.  Running the survey independently

Colleges can choose to fund and administer the survey themselves. 

This involves:

  • setting up data systems
  • contacting graduates through various media
  • collecting and coding data
  • returning the data via HEFCE’s extranet to strict deadlines
  • HEFCE will check the quality of the data during the submission period. FECs may be queried prior to clearance for sign-off of the data.

Any college choosing to run the DLHE survey independently for the first time should complete and return a ‘DLHE preparedness checklist’ to

This is to ensure that colleges understand the practicalities of running the survey. It will also assure HEFCE that the college is capable of returning high response rates with good-quality data. 

3.  Institutional partnerships

Colleges may choose to collaborate with other colleges or higher education institutions to run the survey.

The responsibility for good response rates and high-quality data will lie with the individual providers. 

Further information

Further information is available from Julia Moss, 0117 931 7054,

Page last updated 18 October 2016