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The Higher Education Academy’s role

The Higher Education Academy is a charity and membership body which aims to improve learning outcomes, focusing on the contribution of teaching to the wider student learning experience and to student success, offering services across the UK such as professional recognition, surveys and consultancy.


Since academic year 2015-16 the HEA has been primarily funded through subscriptions from higher education institutions.

Our Strategic Partnership Agreement sets out a framework for collaboration between the HEA and HEFCE in delivering our collective and respective objectives.

Strategic Partnership Agreement between the HEA and HEFCE

Download the HEFCE-HEA_Strategic_Partnership_Agreement as PDF (294 KB)


We work periodically with the other funding bodies to commission independent evaluations of the HEA.


In the light of recommendations from its previous review, undertaken in 2007-8, all four funding bodies agreed that an independent review of the HEA should take place in 2013-14.

This review aimed to establish whether the restructured organisation was achieving the general priorities set by the funding bodies and its wider aims and objectives.

See the review's findings

Further information

Policy leads: Helen King

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