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How pharmacy training is funded

HEFCE funds pharmacy training in the same way as other courses. This funding takes the form of an annual grant to each university based on the number of pharmacy students they have.

Institutions also charge fees to fund their courses.

Admissions criteria for pharmacy schools

Pharmacy schools set their own admissions criteria. Standards for pharmacy education are set by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Read about the General Pharmaceutical Council’s role in setting education standards

There are no limits on the number of students universities can accept on pharmacy courses.

Pre-registration training places

HEFCE works with Health Education England and others to ensure that students who undertake pharmacy degrees designed to lead to registration (the MPharm) understand that they are not guaranteed a pre-registration training place. Graduates must undertake a pre-registration training place before they can apply to register as a pharmacist.

Read more about how the General Pharmaceutical Council manage pre-registration training places


Page last updated 13 April 2017