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HEFCE closed at the end of March 2018. The information on this website is historical and is no longer maintained.

Many of HEFCE's functions will be continued by the Office for Students, the new regulator of higher education in England, and Research England, the new council within UK Research and Innovation.

The HEFCE domain - - will continue to function until September 2018. At this point we will close the site entirely and all its information will only be available from the National Web Archive.


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Catalyst Call A: Funded projects

Through Catalyst Call A, HEFCE is supporting 67 projects from a broad range of higher education institutions and further education colleges across England. These projects have successfully bid for funding of up to £50,000 each to develop innovations in learning and teaching for either undergraduate or postgraduate taught provision.

The projects will develop and evaluate small-scale, experimental innovations on specific cohorts of learners. Projects will run for a period of 18 months.


Lead institution & contactProject titleCatalyst fundingProject value

Anglia Ruskin University

Contact: Sally Everett, email

Delivering enhanced skills for postgraduate students through employer-informed team based learning

£37, 697


Askham Bryan College

Contact: Deirdre Rooney, email

Piloting a bespoke smartphone and tablet 'app' to uncover real time student perceptions of outstanding teaching and learning



Aston University

Contact: Sarah Hayes, email

Analytics plus: Enhancing retention and progression of undergraduate (UG) students through effective and co-ordinated advancement of institutional learning analytics

£50,000 £120,000 

Barnsley College

Contact: Lorraine Copley, email

Recognising 'discovery learners': Making HE pedagogies responsive to equivalent qualifications

£50,000 £291,604

Bath Spa University

Contact: Rebecca Schaaf, email

Creating shared personal learning environments: Promoting engagement and understanding through interaction and co-creation with mobile digital technology

£48,154 £130,028 

Bedford College

Contact: Susan Blackman, email

Identifying and using creative thinking strategies to improve success and learner satisfaction

£20,000 £99,268

Birkbeck College

Contact: Gretchen O'Neill, email

Experimental investigation of interventions designed to increase student retention and performance

£49,326 £98,652 

Birmingham City University

Contact: Matt O'Leary, email matthew.o’

Improving learning and teaching through collaborative observation

£48,727 £97,493

Blackburn College

Contact: Peter Shukie, email

Interactive essays

£26,286 £52,574

Bournemouth University

Contact: Sonal Minocha, email

Global talent: From education to employability

£50,000 £100,000

Bournemouth University

Contact: Sonal Minocha, email

Global talent: From employability to excellence

£50,000 £100,000

Brunel University London

Contact: Mariann Rand-Weaver, email

Digital examinations

£50,000 £100,000

Buckinghamshire New University

Contacts: Richard Mather, email Helena Chance, email

Traversing digital-creative perspectives: Preparing design and technology students for interdisciplinary work

£39,000 £82,750

Burnley College

Contact: Peter Mounsey, email

Fostering a growth mindset culture in higher education

£41,000 £82,000 

Bury College

Contact: Tim Robson, email

Enhancing academic study skills

£49,990  £99,926

Canterbury Christ Church University

Contact: Rayya Ghul, email

Evaluating the 'traffic light tool': A potential high impact pedagogy

£49,942 £85,738

City College Plymouth

Contact: Fiona Horrell, email

HE STEM graduate talent programme

£30,883 £61,159

City of Sunderland College

Contact: Sally Dixon, email

Breaking down barriers to learning: A cross-curricula action research project

£50,000 £100,000

Coventry University

Contact: Sylvester Arnab, email


£33,294 £66,588

Goldsmiths' College

Contact: Matthew Yee-King, email

CodeCircle: Browser-based creative coding leading to deeper learning and wider skills acquisition

£47,830 £95,660

Goldsmiths' College

Contact: Claire Maclean, email

Innovation in employability and enterprise

£40,000 £80,000

Harrow College

Contact: Lucy Atkinlosotu, email

My Harrow College

£30,000 £60,000

Imperial College London

Contact: Edward Meinert, email

Data Science 3i: i.ntroducing and i.nspiring i.nnovation data science for healthcare

£50,000 £100,000 

Kingston University

Contact: Jane Lindsay, email

Meeting employer demands for higher order thinking skills


Leeds Beckett University

Contact: Simon Thomson, email

PULSE: Personalised user learning & social environment



Liverpool Hope University

Contact: Penny Haughan, email

Institutional memory bank

£50,000 £100,000 

London South Bank University

Contact: Jennifer Hardi, email

A pilot study to assess the requirements and academic impact of introducing collaborative multi-disciplinary working within higher education



Loughborough University

Contact: Barbara Jaworski, email

Student learning through collaborative design and teaching of STEM foundation mathematics



Manchester Metropolitan University

Contact: Helen Laville, email

Targeted learning tracker app

£50,000  £100,000 

Middlesex University

Contact: Gareth Williams, email

Digital showscapes

£36,050 £72,100

Newcastle University

Contact: Matthew Forshaw, email

Improving student engagement and retention through 'human-in-the-loop' learning analytics

£48,824 £102,529

Newman University

Contact: John Peters, email

Collaborative development of pedagogic interventions based on learning analytics

£47,075 £96,055

Royal College of Music

Contact: Jessica Jones, email

Introducing VLE-based blended learning into the teaching of solo instrumental and vocal performance at undergraduate level

£44,412 £88,940

Southampton Solent University

Contacts: Roger Emery, email Laraine D'Antin, email

Rich information set for educators (RISE)



St Mary's University, Twickenham

Contact: Liam McCarthy, email

Collaborative reflection in practice: A cross-institutional project in sports coaching

£22,000 £44,000

Teesside University

Contact: Jonathan Eaton, email 

Enhancing employability outcomes through an immersive learning environment



University Campus Oldham

Establishment of a student-led academic success hub

£41,600 £91,600

University College London

Contact: Clive Lees Young, email

UCL action for curriculum enhancement

£38,000 £76,000

University of Bedfordshire

Contact: Alexander Kofinas, email

A gamification-informed approach to developing knowledge and professional practice

£32,000 £68,000

University of Bedfordshire

Contact: Mary Malcolm, email

Developing relational and management skills (PG)

£21,216 £73,360

University of Bolton

Contacts: Duncan Cross, email; Julie Prescott, email

Student led technology enhanced learning and teaching

£33,050 £63,800

University of Cambridge

Contact: Rajesh Jena, email

ZEIT-GEIST: an immersive simulator for teaching of radiation oncology

£42,294 £87,860

University of Cambridge

Contacts: Amy Ludlow; Ruth Armstrong; email

Pushing boundaries: Co-producing learning and measurement

This project has supported the development, delivery and evaluation of Learning Together

£25,000 £51,500

University of Central Lancashire

Contact: Joel Arber, email

Lancashire skills for graduates: A model for integrated learning

£50,000 £100,000

University of Derby

Contacts: Ruth Ayres, email; John Hill, email

Applying digital learning analytics to measure the impact of digital practice enhancements on student engagement and digital capabilities

£50,000 £100,000

University of Durham

Contact: Malcolm Murray, email

Gamifying the on-boarding of PGT students

£13,541 £47,446

University of Greenwich

Contact: Christine Couper, email

A structured conversation enabling and measuring responsive pedagogy



University of Huddersfield

Contact: Philip Clegg, email

Enterprise placement year: A game changer!

£44,600 £89,200

University of Hull

Contact: Graham Scott, email

Developing the use of learning analytics across the STEM disciplines to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes



University of Keele

Contact: Zoe Robinson, email

Unmaking single perspectives: A listening project

£50,000 £102,000

University of Keele

Contact: Ed de Quincey, email

Learner centred design for learning analytics

£49,988 £99,790

University of Lancaster

Contact: Sarah Kingston, email

Bridging connections: Improving the links between academic and work-related learning by criminology students

£49,921 £94,498

University of Leeds

Contact: Alisdair Smithies, email

myPAL@work: Learning analytics for reflective learning and professional development



University of Leeds

Contact: Raphael Jan Lyndon Hallett, email

'Mending a broken bridge': Developing scholarly impact & civic engagement for PGT students

£29,988  £59,975 

University of Liverpool

Contact: Catrin Eames, email

Postgraduate healthcare student mentoring by experts by experience

£49,801 £98,472

University of Nottingham

Contact: Cristina De Matteis, email

Come on in to our research labs: Enhancing UG students’ experience of research

£27,108 £54,216

University of Plymouth

Contact: Harriet Dismore, email

Learning for the future: Developing an interdisciplinary learning framework between the arts and sciences

£50,000 £110,449

University of Sheffield

Contact: Brendan Stone, email

Group interdisciplinary undergraduate research projects



University of Sheffield

Contacts: Bryony Olney, email; Bobby Nisha, email

Developing design consultants of the future: Embedding augmented reality in learning & teaching

£50,000 £188,285 

University of Southampton

Contact: Carol Evans, email

Supporting student agency and success in higher education and beyond through the development of assessment feedback skills (the ability to self-monitor and self-evaluate)

£50,000 £100,000

University of Suffolk

Contact: Christine Smith, email

placementPAL (peer assisted learning): A digital app to scaffold students' learning and knowledgeable action in work

£47,977 £131,496

University of Sunderland

Contact: Jessica Hardisty, email

Inter-professional collaboration in design and delivery of undergraduate teaching and learning in the care of patients with mental ill health

£50,000 £104,000

University of Surrey

Contact: Esat Alpay, email

Gamification in engineering education: From primary outreach to work transition

£50,000 £105,000

University of Surrey

Contact: Naomi Winstone, email

Feedback footprints: Using learning analytics to support student engagement with, and learning from, feedback

£44,416 £123,055

University of Sussex

Contact: David Walker, email

ePortfolio analytics

£18,000 £60,000

University of the West of England

Contact: Laura Fogg-Rogers, email

Children as engineers

£49,955 £71,950 

University of Warwick

Contact: Georgia Kremmyda, email

Developing a student-driven educational model between, beyond and across disciplines

£49,745 £99,490

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