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Optional banks

In addition to the main National Student Survey, institutions are also able to select additional questions from optional banks.

We are currently reviewing the optional banks in time for inclusion in NSS 2018. We have run a series of focus groups with experts from the sector to look at the current and potential new optional banks that were identified in the Review of information consultation as priorities for institutions and student unions.

The focus groups have informed the drafting of questions for the new optional banks and revising the questions for existing banks. Cognitive testing with students of the new and revised questions is currently being carried out by IFF Research.

Evaluation of NSS 2017

We are currently in the process of evaluating NSS 2017 to ascertain how the new survey has worked in practice and to pick up on any emergent issues, either with the survey itself or the implementation process.

Although the questionnaire has undergone extensive testing and piloting prior to implementation we believe it remains important to review the impact of the survey.

The evaluation includes strands on the student experience and institutional perspective. The outputs of this piece of work will help inform whether any revisions to the survey are required for NSS 2018.

We anticipate that the key findings will be brought together and published as a report on the HEFCE website in autumn 2017.


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