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Information about the TEF subject pilots

The deadline for providers to complete the subject pilot survey is Monday 25 September

The Department for Education (DfE) published the TEF subject pilot specification on 20 July 2017. 

Starting in autumn 2017, HEFCE is implementing TEF subject pilots on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE).

We are looking for a wide range of HE providers to take part. TEF contacts at providers will be sent a survey which will ask them to confirm their intent to take part. Selected providers will be notified in late October.

The pilots will inform the future development of the TEF by testing how ratings could be assigned at subject level as well as institutional level. This has the potential to provide students with more detailed information to inform their choices of where to study.

The first subject pilot will run between autumn 2017 and summer 2018, and will evaluate how two models generate subject level TEF ratings. It will not interact with TEF Year Three. No subject level ratings will be published.

HEFCE aims to include a wide range of higher education providers in the pilot, whether or not they have already participated in the TEF, or intend to participate in TEF Year Three. Universities, alternative providers and colleges will be able to apply, and approxiately 40 will be selected from across the UK higher education sector.

As part of the subject pilots, HEFCE will also pilot a teaching intensity measure, exploring how to collect data on issues such as class size and contact time, and their potential use to inform a subject TEF assessment.

Subject pilot resources and guidance for providers

HEFCE delivered a number of subject pilot briefings for providers during September 2017. The briefing slides and further information for providers can be accessed below.

Watch the TEF subject pilot briefing slides with audio commentary

Download the TEF subject pilot briefing slides

Download the TEF subject pilot briefing slides as PDF (925 KB)

Read the DfE's TEF subject pilot specification


Opportunities for panellists and assessors

Apply to be a TEF panellist or assessor

HEFCE is seeking to appoint up to 110 panellists and assessors to review submissions to the TEF Year Three and the TEF subject pilots.

There are a number of opportunities available including:

  • academic or student panel members and assessors
  • expert or representative panel members – from employers, professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs)
  • experts in widening participation.

The deadline for applying to be a TEF panel member or assessor is Friday 6 October 2017.

Find out further information and details of how to apply


Page last updated 19 September 2017