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Data collection for further education colleges

Further education colleges are required to submit KIS data directly to us.

This section provides information and guidance about each stage of the collection process, for those who are collating the KIS data.

The KIS submission process

Creating the XML file

The first step in the process is to produce a file containing the KIS data. This needs to be an XML file in a specified structure.

Definitions of the different KIS data fields are provided on the HESA website. They also provide a data entry tool that produces KIS data in an XML format.

Access the HESA guidance and video tutorial for the XML data entry tool


When a file has been submitted to us, automatic validation checks are carried out in two stages. A report is generated for each stage.

These reports are called val1 and val2. Note that the second stage of validation is dependent on the first and so further issues may be encountered once the second stage is reached.

Read the validation overview on the HESA website. This document describes the different stages of quality rules and at what point during the submission process they are applied.

Full guidance

HESA provide full technical guidance for the KIS collection.

Unistats training webinar

HEFCE ran a guidance webinar on 4 July 2017:

Page last updated 10 July 2017